Our Office

Twan Houben

Based on his concept of continuity, Twan helps organizations build a sustainable and future-proof company.

In an exchange of thoughts with clients, he ensures that something grows, achieves more results and makes a profit. His strength is that he sees and brings together things that others would not tie together. He digs into  the matter so he’ll know exactly  what is happening and what should happen to improve the results. Continuity of your business is essential in all his efforts.

As an analyst and visionary, he takes fun in laying the puzzle of data, analysis, surveys, international trends and developments.  He digs in big data and customizes social listening to understand what is going on in people’s minds and to identify sentiment and reputation.

Often see he sees things arrive earlier than the client companies themselves. That can be confronting. But the companies that dared to work with him, saw an increase in their results and turnover. He helps clients stay with, and care for, the right insights. Don’t come to Twan for a pretty picture. He always sketches a fair and viable image. And makes true what he promises . Integrity, reliable and result-oriented.

Twan worked during ten years in strategic and general management roles for UK  listed companies Wagon Plc . and GKN Plc . before he started working independently. In addition, he has more than twenty-five years of experience in strategic and operational restructuring .

He can fulfill two primary roles: besides management as a consultant and coach. And if necessary,  also from the position of interim director . Twan was trained as a company lawyer and business administrator at the University of Maastricht.

Henk Wim Lijftogt

Henk Wim studied Dutch law in Nijmegen and was employed for a short time at the Academic Hospital Utrecht. Then he chose to become an independent entrepreneur. He worked, among other things, as a partner at one of the Netherland’s largest law firms and later was Managing Director  in the debt collection and insurance industry.

Since 2006, he has been associated with Bondt & Blue as a partner , originally an advertising agency that devises, designs and develops concepts and can play a role in the implementation of a campaign. Henk Wim also joined RaVisie as a partner in 2020 . RaVisie is the oldest NLP training institute in The Netherlands , based on the Richard Bandler methodology. Henk Wim is affiliated with the Society of NLP. 

Over the years, Henk Wim has also held various board positions, which has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience and which he makes grateful use of in his work as a business coach. 

In addition to coaching and guiding people and organizations, strategic issues have his interest and passion. 

As a Master NLP business coach, Henk Wim wants to contribute to the better performance of organizations. Spearheads include improving internal and external communication, programs for motivation of employees and managers and the application of influencing techniques, 

In his work, Henk Wim uses Identity Compass, a HR State of The Art instrument for measuring motivations and thinking preferences within management teams and boards of directors. With the help of this instrument, the preferred thinking style on the behavior and communication of both individual employees and teams are made transparent. Identity Compass shows how individuals, teams and organizations can function better and optimize performance in challenging situations.