Renewed Perspective

The vacuum that we fill in achieving business continuity


1. Conventional restructuring services performed by most competitors

  • Guidance of a company in Financial Restructuring and Recovery processes with a bank        
  • Executing managerial Quick Scan investigations        
  • Drawing up of a restructuring / refinancing plan        
  • Preparation of Liquidity forecasts / budgets        
  • Supervising and / or implementing reorganizations via UWV or district court     


2. Big Data Trend and Market Research

  • Research the reputation of the company and products / services through “Social Listening ” software        
  • Analyzing data trends via Google for the products / services of the client        
  • Determining via Big Data location research where new buyers of products and services are located. But also whether the own branch is situated at the right location to serve customers.         


3. High End Management Development Software

  • Measure which motives and preferences MT members have in solving continuity problems        
  • Determine what, if any, can be changed to make the management team function better under the pressure of a company in crisismode          
  • Determining the most optimal strategy to keep employees motivated in challenging times.         


60% of the companies say they have sufficient insights into their monthly figures. 20% of them indicate that the controller / accountant provides explanatory information to those figures. Only 5% of the companies indicate that they work with a dashboard, which provides regular insight into the KPIs of the organization.

Houben and Lijftogt provide real insight into figures. In addition to your own insights, the explanatory information of the accountant and the information from the dashboard, we provide information about competitive position, market developments, trends, social listening , management skills , thinking preferences and optimization of (team) performance . Everything with only one goal; continuity of your organization. 

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