Proven better results through Business Intelligence

Creating new perspectives for companies with continuity issues.

Renewed perspective for companies

What should be done when the future of your organization is under pressure? What analysis and approach are absolutely necessary to turn the tide?

How do you deal with directors, management, employees, financiers and shareholders? How do you maintain the motivation, resilience and commitment of the people?

Houben & Lijftogt specializes in creating new perspectives for companies with continuity issues. In a jointly determined perspective, we use our extensive knowledge , experience and network to help secure the future of our client’s companies. For this we use market research based on Big Data , “ social listening ” techniques, measuring instruments for assessing management qualities and financial analysis . W here necessary , we deploy coaching programs and / or interim management. 


Most consultants who develop a new perspective for their clients use financial analysis and projections without the operational experience of running an organization. They also have little experience with modern Big Data and Social Listening techniques to strategically underpin feasible perspectives .

Houben & Lijftogt was set up from the experience that only theoretical and numerical knowledge – without operational line experience and without “market intelligence” – is insufficient to provide a client with sufficient adequate support in realizing long-term goals and continuity.


In order to optimize the prospects of continuing a business, we provide our clients with externally obtained product-, market- and competition data. We use our extensive databases, predictive analysis methodologies and provide the management to implement the solutions into an organization.  

We also have tools to calendar and visualize the qualities of management when implementing changes. Naturally , we have a relevant network in many diverse sectors to support the goals of our clients. 

Realizing continuity

To achieve healthy continuity of our client’s business, a new commercial perspective, higher margins, new target groups and markets will better appeal to the imagination, than just cutbacks, efficiency improvements and reorganizations. The latter measures belong to the category of “ extinguishing fires ”, while the former group of activities revitalize entrepreneurship. This makes a greater contribution to a company’s confidence in the future.